Accommodation Procedures

Step 1
Receiving new applications at the beginning of the semester to work on the conclusion of housing contracts with parents and students quarterly according to the approved procedures, and in coordination with the Finance department at the university, where work is to enter the data of the guardian and student in the university system, to complete the procedures of housing and processing of the contract and save it in the system , and send it automatically to the Department of Finance to complete the procedures for the delivery of the required fees and receipt of the contract.
Step 2
The housing contract is concluded by early reservation with female students on a quarterly basis in accordance with the procedures adopted in the Student Information System (SIS), and in coordination with the Finance Department at the University. Early booking is a temporary reservation, confirmed by the first day of school and paid in full or by installments (amount of money from the total value of the contract) at the Department of Finance, and then receive the contract and permanent permit to enter the residence during the semester A period of early housing for female students, In case the student does not confirm the room by the early booking and the end of the period of time, she should contact the Department of Student Affairs until the reservation is made according to the available vacancy. Housing of financial affairs, receipt of the contract after payment of the prescribed fees for housing.
Step 3
Preparation and supervision of exit permits for female students from the university housing according to the forms signed by the student's guardian and according to the approved procedures, which include:
  • Approving the reception of visitors according to the applicable regulations.
  • Making permits for bus drivers who are authorized by the student's guardian to take her from the residence.
  • Visiting student residence permits.
Step 4
Ensure that students comply with the following requirements:
  • Registered students must not have any prohibition before beginning the early booking process.
  • For new students (guardian must attend in person, fill in the form of personal data and information and choose the capacity of the room in the accommodation (triple) or (quadruple)).
  • If the student wishes to cancel the booking of accommodation, it requires the presence of the guardian to complete the procedures.

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