The Alumni network provides an unparalleled opportunity to build a strong base of support for our academic institution

About Internship & Alumni Affairs

The Internship & Alumni Affairs Unit seeks to enhance communication between the UoB and its graduates by providing a set of special services to them. The unit aims to facilitate career opportunities for UoB graduates in public and private sectors. In addition, the unit is in the process of creating a database in order to establish a sustainable relationship with its graduates. These initiatives are put forward to help graduates to succeed in the job market and also could provide many activities to keep them associated with the university to share and exchange their experience with others.

The Student Affairs Department always tries to update its Alumni Database to include the most recent data of our alumni, So we kindly request our dear alumni to update your contact information. In case you have moved, changed jobs, or are not receiving our Universities news and information, please simply fill in the form by clicking the link below and submit the following form to us.

Key Alumni Services

  • A life-time UoB E-mail Address
  • Career Guidance and Placement Support
  • Alumni Council Membership
  • Alumni Club Membership
  • Alumni Card
  • Access to UoB LRC and selected resources
  • Opportunity to represent UoB with public and private entities as ‘UoB Ambassador’
  • Attend continuous professional development activities
  • Life Long Learning Support

It aims to build a strong relationship between UoB and its graduates.

Distinguished services for Alumni Card Holders: -

Life Long Learning

  • The university provides graduates with opportunities for continuous professional development by attending training programs, workshops, scientific events, etc. organized by the university.
  • An access to the Learning Resource Center (LRC) after completing required formalities of LRC membership.
  • Encourage Alumni to participate and interact with industry experts at various venues in the events organized by UoB

Career counselling

  • Carries out activities for career planning through Internship and Alumni Unit.
  • Provide assistance to student and alumni in assessing their strengths, abilities and interest through face to face meetings and by conducting assessment tests, thus guiding them on suitable career opportunities
  • Support graduates by providing suitable internal and external internship placements.

Activities, Workshops and Events

  • Alumni activities are initiated by the Internship and Alumni unit or by the Alumni & Student Support Service Committee of the colleges. The Alumni workshops/activities /events/community engagement activities for the academic year are planned and ready for implementation every September.
  • Invite alumni to share their knowledge and experience to motivating existing students.

The university sought to strengthen its ties with university graduates. One of the main goals of the university is to enhance communication with graduates and strengthen their role in contributing to the development of the university. Alumni Club aims to keep the graduates in continuous contact, develop their skills and exchange experiences between them.

In our aim to provide the highest quality of education and services to our constituents, University of Buraimi(UoB) continuously implements measures to improve its curricular offerings, systems and procedures. In this regard, we would like to solicit your inputs pertaining to your experience as a graduate of the University. The information gathered from this survey will be used as basis for future plans and shall form part of our continuous quality improvement efforts.

Thank you for your cooperation. Rest assured that all information you provide will be treated with utmost care and confidentiality.

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Take Inspiration from UoB Alumni Success Stories!

After completing my Bachelor’s degree with flying colors, I joined the Quality and Accreditation Department at my alma mater – University of Buraimi. I am proud to be a part of my own university and feel extremely honored to add value to an area, which is so critical and strategic for the higher education landscape in Oman. I am extremely thankful to my teachers for providing an excellent academic environment to nurture my skills and developing me as a well-rounded individual. I strongly recommend the young and aspiring knowledge-seekers to join this wonderful place of learning and materialize your dreams. I am looking forward to be an integral part of the growth and success of UoB.

I am so glad to be a part of College of Business at UoB – a place that has always inspired me both as a student and now as an employee. After joining my secretarial position at the Dean’s office, I have undergone a rich experience enabling me to contribute effectively and sharpening my skills as a result. The knowledge gained at College of Business has played a vital role in performing my duties effectively, for which I remain grateful to my teachers. Over the years, my technical and interpersonal skills are constantly improving which has enabled me to fulfill my role in the best possible manner. I wish UoB a marvelous future.

I graduated from the Information and Communication Engineering program of College of Engineering. After graduation, I worked as a Technical Manager at THURAYAbiz Company, with tasks including managing, conducting, controlling, and analyzing social media accounts for clients, as well as supervising the designs and publications that are rendered through social media and publications distributed for clients. Other tasks include contributing to the implementation of marketing strategies, guiding and supervising trainees at the workplace. In addition, I am a freelancer providing services in designing, video making and editing, and visual effects for various entities such as institutions, health care centers, commercial centers, and public figures.

I am a proud graduate of the Architectural Engineering program of College of Engineering with a diploma degree. I decided to pursue my studies toward the Bachelor Degree in the same field. I was not only focusing on my academics, but also giving an example of positive participation in on-campus and off-campus activities. I acted as a member of the Students Advisory Council, which represents and supports all students of UoB. I have also received training in brand image design.

I am a registered nurse working at a tertiary care hospital in Muscat. I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from the University of Buraimi. My nursing journey from being a university student to becoming a successful professional nurse was challenging, at the same time satisfying. It was challenging for me to live away from my hometown, coping with my courses, hospital training, assignments and deadlines to meet with. Later on, I realized that the hard training I had at UoB was part of becoming a professional nurse, one who is equipped with excellent knowledge, superb skills and right attitude. One year after graduation, Alhamdullah, I was hired as a staff nurse by a tertiary hospital in Oman. I have been working for almost one and a half years now and life is so generous to me. My heartfelt gratitude to my beloved alma mater and to my dear teachers, thank you for being my mentor, adviser and friend. Thank you, UoB, for imbibing in me the values of compassion, respect, courage and accountability.

I am a proud optometry graduate from the College of Health Sciences, University of Buraimi. As a student at UoB, the valuable aspects of my education were not only the institutional based learning, but also the quality of training and the amount of learning I gained from every patient encounter during my clinical internship. I feel very fortunate to have been so thoroughly prepared for optometry practice by some of the brightest and most passionate instructors. My various clinical rotations during my internship exposed me to a variety of clinical settings and patients. By the time I was graduated, I was confident enough to start my career as an Optometrist. Soon after my graduation, I joined the Ophthalmology Department at the Sultan Qaboos University Hospital as Pediatric Optometrist. After spending my initial 2 years at the department, I got an opportunity to join a Pediatric Optometry Fellowship at a prestigious tertiary eye care hospital in India. This specialized training prepared me to provide excellent optometry care to children. Now, I became the first Omani optometrist to have a fellowship in Pediatric Optometry. I am so very thankful to my college, teachers and UoB for being there to shape my career.

Ms. Shaima Abdul Rasheed Mohammed Al Balushi

Quality & Accreditation Department, UoB

Ms. Amira Said Al Essai

Secretary, College of Business

Eng. Abdullah Mohammed Al-Mohsin

Ms. Fatma Surur Ali Al Mamari

Ms. Huda Jamil Al Mushaifrei

Mr. Sami Ali Khasib Al Hattali

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