Bachelor of Law Program

Program Specifications

The Faculty of Law aims to prepare students intellectually and scientifically to enable them to employ the legal knowledge and experience they receive during their studies in the practice of the legal profession after graduation with a high degree of competence and skills.

The Faculty of Law aims to contribute to the intellectual and legal construct in Oman by offering thoughts and advice on the laws enforced as well as all legislative proposals. It also works to spread the legal culture through conferences, seminars and training workshops.

The Faculty of Law aims to introduce students to the legal reality in Oman by encouraging them to do research in the field. The Faculty does not only aspire to prepare students in the mental and intellectual legal aspects, but it extends that to the moral and spiritual aspects. This is done through instilling the values of citizenship, sincerity, dedication and creativity in the students.

Additional expenses students need to budget for (e.g. housing, transportation, living costs).

Areas of employment for students (jobs, careers and sectors)

  • Judiciary (judges and secretaries)
  • Prosecution (public prosecutors)
  • Legal services in ministries and government institutions (legal researchers + legal advisers + lawyers)
  • Private sector companies (lawyers + legal advisers)
  • Various military entities

Bachelor of Law

Graduation Plan

Total: 137.0 C.H.

رقم المساق اسم المساق الفصل متطلب سابق الساعات

LMAT 001


1 & 2


FINS 001

مهارات التعلم العامة (للقانون)

1 & 2


PRLW 101

المدخل إلى القانون



PRLW 109

تاريخ ومقاصد التشريع الإسلامي



PRLW 111

قانون الإثبات



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