The College of Law was inaugurated in 2016 as one of the colleges in the University of Buraimi. Since then, the College has produced 96 graduates by the end of 2020/2021. In a short period of time, the college has made great strides in strengthening its academic standards and overcoming many obstacles. Through a qualified cadre of high campaign doctoral degrees, the college offers its expertise in the legal field while integrating the practical and theoretical sides through real-world exercises internally and externally, locally and globally, we have also strived to organize various events that enhance the reality of knowledge among students in the legal field and hold regular events. Students are able to attend activities on and off campus that enhance their knowledge and skills in the legal field.

Admission Requirements

Mode of instruction is Arabic.

Academic Programs


Bachelor Degree - 131 Credit Hours

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Private Law

Master Degree - 33 Credit Hours

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Dr. Jamil Al Hinai

Dean, College of Law

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