Objectives of the Student Advisory Council

Participate in the improvement and development of the educational process, research and services provided to students.

Promoting the principle of transparency and constructive criticism and expressing a balanced and responsible opinion, and adhering to the literature of dialogue among students.

To develop awareness that makes the student conscious and productive citizen, exercising his human, social and service role with awareness, creation and responsibility.

Developing the student's spiritual values and moral ideals, and conscious pride in the homeland, his thought, heritage, ideals and values.

To provide students with the basic elements that will lead to the strengthening of their personality, the development of the spirit of teamwork, support for the scientific method of thinking, the development of the spirit of dialogue, respect for the other opinion, and the acquisition of communication skills.

Follow up on the students' issues, make them aware, maintain their achievements, and work with the university administration to solve their problems.

Work to raise the level of student activity in various fields of scientific, cultural, social, sports, art, and other aspects of constructive activity.

Establishing the values of volunteer work, supporting projects and voluntary charity.

Taking the hands of the glorious students, and creating the right atmosphere for them, to serve their studies and scientific research possible.

Raising the level of intellectual, artistic, social and sporting life, enhancing the horizons of communication and activating the channels of communication between students and officials within the university.

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