Student Accommodation in University Campus

University of Buraimi provides an in-house accommodation for students, which is characterized by the latest specifications, which is located in a strategic location on the campus, to contribute to the stability and integration of students in the university educational environment, where the rooms are fully furnished, and provide comfortable seating, with the provision of classrooms, recreational breaks, and spaces Throughout the building, giving students the opportunity to be together to study and participate in recreational and educational activities.

The accommodation has a capacity of more than 1,000 beds, internet access, a restaurant, a beauty salon, a variety of groceries, a large communal kitchen, a self-service laundry area for female students and self-vending machines.

It is worth mentioning that the Student Affairs Department supervises the work of the university housing in order to ensure the provision of an appropriate and comfortable atmosphere for the lives of female students within the housing, while providing all aspects of psychological, social, health and living for students, and taking into account the avoidance of students in behavioral problems, through guidance and awareness, and find an outlet Participate in various activities and activities in the housing according to the student activities plan.


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