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Student Affairs Department is the direct relationship with students, where it works to care for students and supervise their activities of various types, and strive to provide the right atmosphere for the development of their abilities and skills, while caring for them and provide psychological comfort for them, and oversee their activities of various kinds, to help them scientific excellence, and excellence in activities and local and international It also seeks to provide a variety of student services such as integrated housing for students, primary health care, leisure and educational trips, and others.

We are pleased to welcome all of you to the University, and it is our great pleasure to provide you with this guide, the contents of which draw the roadmap for the student at the university. When you use this student guide, you will find useful information to help you follow the progress of your course of study, and improve quality of your university life, including your scientific participations - locally and internationally.

The contents of this guide address the main pillars supporting the provision of an integrated learning environment, which strives to achieve an effective exit in to the community, with a primary focus on knowledge and develop the skills necessary for graduates to be able to compete in the labor market or, in pursuing higher education.

The University offers a wide range of programs designed to meet the needs of the labor market and the ambitious developmental trends of the Sultanate of Oman.

The University boasts of a diverse community of faculty and students, all working together in an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect.

University life offers you much more than just pursuing a university degree. There are varieties of activities and programs related to student life and services, which we hope will benefit you. The University is your first step in the process of learning and development for life.

Please take full advantage of this guide - to be acquainted with everything related to the university, its programs and services designed to serve the student, academic plans and plans of activities and events in the university life.

We are all here to help you on the journey that we wish to be a rich and fruitful experience for you in the future.

Director of Student Affairs Department

The Student Affairs Department provides various services and support to students in the university environment, while containing the social conditions of students, and working to provide the appropriate university conditions to support the educational process, as it works in coordination with other departments and colleges in the university, to facilitate and facilitate student support The following can be noted:

  • Orientation week for new students.
  • Student Activities- better to include some picture gallery to show students activities
  • Student Clubs:

Self-awareness Club

Zawaya Media Club

Wissal Social Club

Asala Cultural Club

Engineering Club

Legal Club

In order to build and enhance the student's integrated personality and interest in motivating students to develop their leadership abilities and skills, University of Buraimi encourages its students to participate in the Student Advisory Council, which is based on the foundations approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, in order to support responsibility for the planned student activities and to express any concerns or issues that students can discuss with university decision-makers.

Administrative structure of the Student Advisory Council

The Student Affairs Department follows-up on all matters related to graduates in coordination with the concerned departments such as admission and registration. It also seeks to support practical training and vocational training opportunities for graduates and students expected to graduate. Graduates in the search for training and career opportunities, and provide them with the necessary skills that develop their abilities, through the announced job opportunities, and workshops offered at the university. The Student Affairs Department of to collect data and digital statistics, and to conduct studies and issue related reports, and build channels of communication and communication with graduates of the university, which will contribute to strengthening their role and serve their fellow students and their community.

EDRAK or Counseling and Students’ Engagement Unit is established with the aim of providing Students’ counseling, students’ engagement (Training, habilitation, and students’ awareness) in different extra-curricular activities and initiatives. It is an effort to step forward towards realizing vision and mission of the University.

  • Student Counseling and Habilitation Section
  • Student Engagement

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Wafa Rashid Al Alyani Director, Students Affairs Department
Said Hamdan AL-Shamli Student Support Services
Kulthoom Said Al Kaabi Hostel & Transportation
Maryam Said Al Jabri Student Activities & University Life
Salma Ahmad Al Mozahmi Internship & Alumni Affairs
Noura Namshan Al Kaabi Internship & Alumni Affairs
Halima Mohammed Al Abri EDRAK Unit
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