Students Housing Regulation

This regulation is called the Student Housing Regulations, and the instructions and laws it contains are fundamental and must be adhered to as part of the contracting agreement to provide the student housing service to the beneficiary student, and the signing of the contracting agreement by the student and her guardian, is an acknowledgment of access to these regulations, and approval of The provisions contained therein.

The provisions of this Regulation shall concern the following:
  • Determine the rights and duties of female students in relation to the student housing of University of Buraimi.
  • To refine and reform the behavior of students violating, and address their behavior with educational methods available at the university.
  • Approving disciplinary penalties for female students who violate the regulations and rules in force at the University.

All students enrolled at the University and beneficiaries of the Student Housing Service are subject to this regulation.

The competent authority to implement the provisions of this regulation is the Student Affairs Department, in cooperation with the relevant authorities at the University, who shall communicate the decision issued to the student, his / her guardian and the student housing administration.

The penalties stipulated in this regulation shall not apply to offenses committed by the student outside the university dormitory.

  • The University is committed to providing furnished and comfortable accommodation for female students, provided by continuous supervision services by qualified supervisors.
  • The University is also committed to periodic maintenance and cleanliness of toilets, cleanliness of the rest of the housing facilities in general, and payment of water bills, note that the cleanliness of the rooms is the responsibility of students room.
  • The University provides the service of transferring housing students to a hospital, on specific and appropriate dates for female students to be announced later by the Student Affairs Department. The form prepared for obtaining a report from the hospital to be submitted to the university when necessary.
  • The University provides each student with the opportunity to go weekly shopping, visit scientific and recreational sites, as desired by the student and recorded in these trips, note that the organization of recreational trips to some selected destinations is according to the schedule of events quarterly program, and will be announced well in advance of its launch to make room for registration If a student is enrolled on any of these trips and then seems not to go, she should apologize for not going well in advance.

In order to be enrolled in the University's student accommodation, you must:

  • The student must be registered in the university and regularly studying there.
  • Be of good conduct, according to the documents submitted, or available at the Student Affairs Department.
  • Acknowledgment of the reading of the provisions of this regulation, and pledge full compliance with them.
  • Payment of housing fees decided by the University within the specified dates.

Admission to the student residence is renewed based on:

  • Approval of female employees in the Department of Student Affairs.
  • Signature of the student or guardian on the form prepared to renew the contract.
  • The contract is valid for one semester and its value is calculated on the basis of the semester and not the months. A new contract is signed at the beginning of each semester.
  • The contract value for the registered student for the fall and spring semesters is (200) RO in case of accommodation in a quadruple room, and (225) RO in case of accommodation in triple room. The contract value for the registered student for summer semester shall be (80) RO. In a quadruple room and RO (90) in case of accommodation in a triple room.
  • The contract shall be terminated by withdrawal from the residence upon the request of the student and the consent of the parent.
  • With regard to the fall and spring semesters, the student must pay the first month if she withdraws from the university during the first month of the date of booking, and complete the payment of (40%) of the contract in the event of termination of the contract by withdrawing from the dwelling from the dwelling.
  • This period exceeds (two months), and for the summer student must pay the full contract value within thirty days from the date of booking.
  • In case the student withdraws from housing without notifying the University, she shall be liable for the financial benefits she entails.
  • The student who withdraws from the boarding house must complete all withdrawal procedures in accordance with the form prepared for this purpose, and clear the discharge in accordance with the applicable regulations, otherwise pay all fees due under the contract signed.
  • The Housing unit may add a student to an updated room when necessary temporarily.
  • Signing of the contract a declaration of the student and his / her guardian free of all chronic and infectious diseases, and approval of all contained in the Student Housing Regulations, and a separate copy of the list can be obtained from the Student Affairs Department.

The student must abide by the following:

  • Respectfully deal with the administrators of housing and with colleagues, and refrain from any work that is detrimental to honor, dignity or morals, or disrupt the good conduct and behavior, or that would damage the reputation of the university.
  • Observe calm and order in housing.
  • Commitment to stay in the residential room determined by the Student Affairs Department at the beginning of the contract, and not to move to the other without prior authorization.
  • Arrange the room and clean it daily, and keep clean (the residential room including the kitchen), and if it is proved that the sanitary drainage of the kitchen and toilets is clogged due to negligence and improper use of these facilities, it will expose the student to the disciplinary penalties stipulated in these regulations.
  • Maintain the furniture and facilities of the housing and care for cleanliness.
  • Commitment to placing foods in the kitchen, and not stored in the rooms.
  • Prohibition of the acquisition and use of flammable materials, toxic substances, weapons of all kinds, sharp objects or other hazardous substances.
  • Do not use candles and incense burners inside the rooms or (apartments), and bear the student causing full responsibility for the resulting damage and risks.
  • Prohibition of the acquisition or abuse of intoxicating or narcotic substances.
  • Prohibition of smoking of all kinds and forms in all housing facilities.
  • Prohibiting the acquisition of books, pamphlets, magazines, films, files and electronic programs that violate morals or prohibited.
  • Prohibit the use of the Internet service for non-scientific and legitimate purposes.
  • It is prohibited to receive visitors except in accordance with the regulations governing this. Relatives of the first degree, and the guardian told them to deal with the student according to the list of authorized in the contract signed, and the Student Affairs Department that there is nothing wrong with visiting the student.
  • Prohibit the student from leaving the residence except with her father and siblings, and then with those authorized by the guardian to take the student from the housing, according to the form prepared for that.
  • It is forbidden to receive any person whose identity has not been revealed to the housing supervisor. ), And you will deliver it to the student afterwards, taking the person's complete data.
  • Wear appropriate and modest clothing while moving in the housing, and the curfew outside the bedrooms with pajamas.
  • Not to publish, distribute or paste any news or advertisement, or to organize activities, events or parties inside the residence, except after obtaining a written permission from the Student Affairs Department.
  • Responsible for the closure of their rooms in solidarity among them, where each student will be provided with a key to the room and apartment, and the University is not responsible for the loss of private property in the absence of compliance.
  • Commitment not to open the room curtains for any reason at any time, and the window can be opened for ventilation with the curtains kept down from 6 am to 5 pm.
  • Not to enter the supervisory office, or the supervisors' bedrooms, and the guard room, without permission and without acceptable reason.
  • Notice the supervisor of housing in case there is a need for emergency maintenance in the room, and fill the form prepared for this, and will not take the required maintenance without doing this step, and in most cases the maintenance process will need (24) hours to complete, and in case of delayed maintenance, the student must The Director of the Student AffairsDepartment in this regard, noting that the concerned units in the university will conduct periodic maintenance of housing and facilities.
  • Notify the supervisor in the name of the body contacted by the student to bring a specific purpose such as restaurants, cafes, etc., and deliver the supervisor the required amount to that authority well in advance of the arrival of her representative to the housing, and fill the form for this, note that no purpose or order will be received after 10 pm
  • Evacuation of residential areas and external facilities and access to housing units by 10:00 pm. Taking into account the days of events.
  • Notify the housing supervisor of her presence in the signature on the statement of night completion, starting at 8:00 pm and no later than 10:00 pm.
  • Commit to close the lamps, air conditioners and gas pipe in case of leaving the room.
  • Compliance with any other instructions issued by the mosque administration.
  • The maximum time to enter the residence is at 9:00 pm from Sunday to Thursday.
  • Friday, the last day of entry at 10:00pm (for students of temporary permits).
  • On the last day of entry at 11:00 pm, the conditions of students coming from their areas shall be taken into account in case of congestion of the outlets, or because of bad weather that may occur.
  • The last date for the visit is 8:00 pm, and it is not allowed to stay in the residence after this specified date.
  • It is forbidden to host any student inside the residence from other residences, except with the written permission of the Student Affairs Department.

The disciplinary penalties that may be imposed on a student who violates the regulations and instructions stipulated as follows:

  • Oral alert.
  • Linear alarm.
  • The first warning to violate the student housing regulations, and to inform the guardian orally.
  • The second warning for violating the student housing regulations, summoning the guardian, and signing a statement indicating his clear knowledge of the violations committed by the student, and any future penalties it may face.

The powers to impose the following penalties on students shall be determined as follows:

  • The housing supervisor, in coordination with the female employees of the Department of Student Affairs, has the right to inform the student orally and in writing, and document it in her personal file.
  • The Director of the Student Affairs Department shall have the right to inflict any of the penalties stipulated in these Regulations, in consultation with the team working in the Department, after conducting the necessary investigation, to be submitted to the President of the University for approval and accreditation.

If the University Administration, in accordance with the provisions of this Law, finds that the violation entrusted to the student involves a criminal offense, it shall result in the suspension of the student and disciplinary action, and the referral of the student with the minutes of investigation by a decision of the President of the University to the competent public prosecutor, or the competent court to proceed in the case in accordance with the provisions of the law. Applicable in the Sultanate of Oman.

The punishment shall not be inflicted on the student unless after questioning her in writing, and hearing her statements regarding the attributed to her, except for oral and written warning, he does not need any investigation. Based on the report submitted by the Housing Officer in the Student Affairs Department about the violation to be investigated, The Department shall consider the case with the General Supervisor of Housing and Transport, and the right of the student to make her statement shall be dropped if she fails to attend the dates she was informed of the interview, unless she has an acceptable excuse, and the penalty shall be imposed in absentia.

The student shall not be exempted from the penalty, under the pretext that she is not aware of the University's regulations and regulations and the instructions issued by her.

The Director of the Student Affairs Department shall submit the disciplinary penalties prescribed for the students violating the Student Housing Regulations to the Rector for approval. The Director of the Student Affairs Department shall issue the disciplinary decisions against the violators.

The decisions issued by the Student Affairs Department to impose penalties shall be final, after the approval of the Rector. The student may submit a complaint against the decision issued to the Rector, not later than one week from the date of notification of the decision.

Decisions of disciplinary penalties shall be kept in a special file on behalf of the student at the Student Affairs Department.

Issues relating to student housing shall be subject to these Regulations, provided that their provisions do not conflict with the provisions of the Student Conduct Regulations.

This Regulation shall come into force from the date of its publication, and all previous inconsistent regulations and regulations shall be repealed.

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