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The University of Buraimi began its academic year on 2010. The 1st batch of our students was more than what we projected.  

The level of teaching in the University is high; UoB is using the best possible teachers and professors from Europe and in the Region to get high quality education standards.

Buraimi is a border area in Oman, the government has decided to develop this region and the University of Buraimi will be one of these development projects.

Besides teaching, the University of Buraimi should become an incubator for the region.


For 2013 a new Campus will be built on the outskirts of the city on the road leading to Sohar and Muscat. It will employ “green architectural technology” and will be environmentally friendly. The University of Buraimi aims to create a University within a city, which will provide all facilities from health care, entertainment and commerce for its students, staffs and faculty.